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      The Jampot Rallye is an annual gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts who share a common interest in classic and vintage British motorcycles, with an emphasis on AMC machines (i.e. Matchless and AJS ). The Jampot Rallye is not a club sponsored event, it is not affiliated with the Jampot Club of England. There is correspondence with the North American AJSMOC branch, (AJS Matchless Owners Club), although not directly associated with them. The rallye is held at Blackthorne Resort, located at the northern foothills of the Cakskill Mountain Range.

      Jampot  is a three-day rallye, beginning on Friday and culminating on Sunday. There are some who elect, and are more than welcome, to come up earlier in the week to enjoy the serenity of the Catskills and also to explore the many winding tree lined roads. Friday night is a time for acquaintance and re-acquaintance. It's also a time to discuss and learn the many complexities of the machinery (very educational). For some it's an opportunity to make adjustments or minor repairs before Saturday's rides.

      Saturday begins with an early morning breakfast ride after which organized rides depart. Many of the older and smaller capacity machines tend to struggle on today's roads so an alternative route is offered with the same destination. For the off road bikes, the Catskills offer trails that need to be explored and enjoyed. After a hard days' ride a hearty supper is deserving. A meal is planned at one of the local eateries or the host site which usually cures that craving. Returning later, the campfire is started and notes are shared on the days' events.

      After Sunday morning breakfast an after breakfast get-together and raffle is held. By late morning good-byes are at hand, with many new friendships established.

      You will leave this event with an expanded knowledge and interest into the Matchless and AJS machines along with a greater appreciation for all of the older British bikes. The only criteria for Jampot is a passing interest or passion for these marques.


For more Jampot info contact:

The Big Kahuna

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