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Jampot Rallye 2017

What a great weekend,had a wonderful time at the Jampot Rallye,everyone who goes to this event knows how to party and have a good time. This year the food was of a very high standard indeed and furthermore it was served on site which was an added bonus. I took the Matchless Typhoon down and had a great time blasting around the grounds.

Once again the beer-a-mid was an incredible work of art and truly reflected all of the tough imbibing which had gone into constructing it, in other words there was some heavy duty boozing going on. The all you can drink beer kegs took some hammering,they were filled with Samual Adams and that was very tasty too.

What a nice way to meet all the friends you haven't seen in a year.

The campfire was an all time best and to me the singing was of a very high standard too but I am biased because I was pretty dieseled up and it all sounded good to me.

Cheers to all my Jampot friends!!!!!

Stan Johnson - Canada

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